The Asset Register

The Asset Register in Safe4 provides users with a powerful way to manage structured information about business events and transactions.

White Paper – The Asset Register

Property Transactions

Property transactions demand large volumes of document handling.  Safe4 supports this process efficiently and securely.

Safe4 White Paper Property Professionals v2.2 Jan 15

Wills and Probate

Safe4 adds real value to those engaged in Wills, Probate and Inheritance Planning services.  Download this document to learn more.

Safe4 White Paper Wills + Probate v2.2 Jan 15

Safe4 for Law Firms

A wide range of legal business applications are supported by Safe4.  This document illustrates a small number.

Safe4 White Paper Law Firms General Principles v2.2 Jan 15

SRA Compliance

UK-based law firms can maintain compliance with SRA guidelines through the use of Safe4 to share information with clients and other parties.

Safe4 White Paper SRA Compliance v2.2 Jan 15

Corporate White Paper

Organisations of any type can achieve benefits through the use of Safe4.  This document gives some examples of how.

Safe4 White Paper Corporate v5.6 Jan 15