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Safe4 renews Cyber Essentials accreditation

Safe4 has renewed its Cyber Essentials accreditation through the IASME Consortium for the year ending August 2023. This forms an important component in the company’s internal governance and compliance programme, which also encompasses the Cyber Primed information security standard. The accreditation of Safe4 is now featured on the National Cyber Security Centre’s website.

As well as providing a class-leading level of security in the handling of customers’ information, Safe4 recognises the need for a diligent approach towards the management of its own internal activities and processes. An extensive series of information security policies has been implemented, to form the basis of a comprehensive programme of best practice measures.

The requirements for Cyber Essentials accreditation have been updated by the NCSC, and since April 2022 a different set of criteria have been applied. Safe4 has followed NCSC guidance for many years, notably in the case of password strength requirements, which allow passwords of up to 150 characters in length to be selected by users of the secure cloud-based Safe4 service.

For more information on how Safe4 can assist your organisation to manage confidential information safely and securely, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.